Strategy + Change + People + Culture = Results 

Great organizations do these things very well, and they do them simultaneously and in an ongoing cadence - not as a one-time “strategic effort”.  They know that changes in strategy, or changes in culture, effect all other parts of the organizational system. And those changes must be understood and bought into top down, bottom up, left to right and right to left. Yet only 20 percent of companies are designed to achieve this. 


At bluSKY Strategy we focus on: 


  • Strategy that moves the needle – executable and aligned at all levels of the organization; 

  • A clear and shared view of the current state and drivers of change

  • People - leaders, managers, teams and individuals - with the skills and capabilities to deliver new and better results

  • A culture that will drive strategic success across the organization.   


Our work is powered by expertise and toolsets in organizational development, communications, leadership and team development, talent optimization, facilitation  and change management.  

At bluSKY Strategy we are passionate about cultivating collaborative and results-oriented relationships with our clients to help them optimize organizational performance and drive customer value. 

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.    - Albert Einstein